Our experts are eager to help you to make the right decision for the proposed Agribusiness. Every agribusiness is diverse & needs analysis before execution. We conceptualize your business in the initial stages to comprehend its financial and technical aspects.
Whether you are a Farmer, Individual, Entrepreneur, Start-Ups, SME, or conglomerate wanting to be a part of the Agri-Food Industry, we will support you with business process analysis, execution, and implementation. The country’s agriculture sector has the potential to greatly enhance the life of billions of people.
We have over 50 years of collective team experience on need based, location specific, customised farmers’ training on a most advanced scientific package of practices including, including integrated soil health and fertility management, nutrient management, insects pests, and disease management, harvesting techniques for longer shelf life and post-harvest packaging to maintain freshness for long-distance transport.





Our research helps our clients develop a business case for proposed interventions in their project areas for the livelihood promotion of the poor.
We help in identifying the key index for measurement of successes and lead them from the baseline to endline.

Our periodic studies empower our clients with data to assess how the projects are performing. Our findings help clients evaluate their processes and derive the right insights. Our data analytics help to extract trends and make tools for strategic decision making.

It’s about farmers first. Their profession feeds the nation. We enable farmers to earn more from their land so that they can get back the dignity of their profession.
उत्तम खेती, मध्यम बान,
निकृष्ट चाकरी, भीख निदान।
We demonstrate, why, how and what is required for the successful transition from sustainable farming to commercial farming.

The insights from our studies help our clients maintain a position of knowledge leadership in their domain and act with confidence, everything they do.
Our inputs on your work, inspire communities dream more, and instill in them a hope of success and belief in themselves.


UAVs or Drones are soon set to become indispensable in Agriculture. You need DGCA License to fly any drone in India. We strive to build a network of skilled manpower to take on the future Drone Industry for undertaking all kinds of surveillance and or integrated pests and nutrient management (IPNM) sprays in the agricultural field. Skilling Youth on Remote Pilot Training to meet future demand is mandatory. India lacks Trained and DGCA licensed Young Pilots to lead the future growth in Indian agriculture.