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Transforming Agri-Dreams into Reality with Farmisto

Farmisto is India’s leading Agribusiness Consulting Company dedicated to helping Farmers, Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Corporate Organizations, and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPC/FPO), strategically to transform their dream Agri-Ventures into reality. Our highly professional consulting team is young and dynamic having thrust to serve you better and better always by providing technical and ethical practices during the consulting process. We provide unique, innovative, sustainable, consultation, training, and well-researched solutions to the Agri-business sector. We have built a network with different experts to provide unique, innovative solutions to our clients. We are engaged in both Government and Private Projects.

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Continuous Learning

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Awareness creation is the first step in the extension process. Unless the farmers is made aware of a desirable changes, or a novel idea or practice or a solution that exists, he will not be able to recognise the problem he faces.

Interest stimulation is where we regularly discuss the desirable changes and add on to the primary information shared during awareness creation. One idea at a time and giving him time to ponder over and imbibe the suggested solution.

Desire is developed among farmers by emphasizing on the advantages of adopting the new idea and encouraging him to unlearn the previous practice.

Strong persuasion so as to convince the farmer about the applicability of the new idea and how it will be beneficial for him. Reinforcing all previous ideas and additional benefits accruing to him by adopting new practices.

Farmers really put the idea into practice (take action). Ideally, a small-scale demonstration and supply of critical inputs are desirable at this stage to set up a real-life time situation for individuals who come forward.

Satisfaction to produce a lasting change in practice and adoption by his neighborhood farmers reflects satisfactory results.


Content Development

Agronomic Training

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Training Need Assessment

Telephonic Survey of Farmers Members & PVCS Staffs

Identification of Training Modules based on TNA

GAP, IPNM, Zero Tillage, Organic Farming, Climate resiliant Agriculture

Institutional Structure & Business Operations

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Cooperatives, Legal Aspects, Procurement, Finance, Marketing, Staekholder Mgmt.

Training & Capacity Building

Agronomic Training

PHM & Institutional

Structure & Business


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Post Harvest Management

Harvesting techniques, Primary Processing, Sorting, Grading, Cleaning, Quality Assurance, Storage

Assessment of Adoption

Adoption of

  • Agronomic Training
  • PHM
  • Instituional Structure

Price realisation

Fresh Vegetables
Money Bag Rupee

Training on Hybrid Mode

Physical + Online medium

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Best practices

Training Need Assessment

Content Development


Assessment of Adoption

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News Papers

Social Media Advertising
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FM Radio





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Fairs / Festivals

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